World Vegan day

This is less of a ‘properly written’ long blog post, but upon realising that today is World Vegan Day, I wanted to take a wee second to reflect and mention it! I’ve been vegan two years and veggie five and it just feels so normal now, it’s never an effort, it feels easy and fun to do. I always like to avoid preaching, but I do think occasionally highlighting veganism can be helpful for anyone curious about it. I think it’s particularly apt given that COP26 is beginning- and will hopefully produce some important changes for our planet.

Veganism has so many benefits for animals, the environment and potentially health (although not the way I do it haha!), and whilst I would not like to force ideas on people, I would like to say it’s very easy and fulfilling. I’ll leave this here on the message that I would truly love to talk to anyone who has considered being vegan (or eating plant based foods more often), and who may have any questions about starting. Please think about the positive impact the smallest changes can have, and give it a go if it’s something you’d like to try 🙂

Please do comment here or talk to me on instagram at carlybooks_ if you do have any questions or comments 🙂


4 thoughts on “World Vegan day

  1. Lovely post…I connect with your lines…I’ve been veggie over 5 yrs now…and vegan, only a month…I love it…have even cut down on sugar drastically (max 5% intake)…it has come naturally to me…I didn’t / don’t put an extra effort…coz it makes sense to me…a conscious choice…at the same time, it doesn’t bother me if others consume meat, dairy products & sugar…but I do believe every single drop counts (more veggie / vegan)….

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  2. Yes my sister! You are rightfully proud of this accomplishment.

    I am not vegan, but as far as animal protein I only eat fish and cage free egg whites.

    The worst people are the deer hunters. “Let’s sit around in a tree stand all day so I can brutally kill and cut up a deer” then they say that’s “appreciating nature”.

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